What is Custom Art Direct?

You know what you want. You Know where you'll put it. The only problem is, it doesn't exist. Now, it can. The goal of Custom Art Direct is to pair you with an artist that will create an original custom piece in which you choose every element, right down to the style, color palette and dimensions. You have the idea and we have the ability to connect you to the creative genius to bring your project to life.

How It Works?

Maybe you want an art piece that will match your grandma's vintage sofa down to the stitching. Maybe you're looking for a canvas that will fit in that tricky spot above the sink and below the cabinet.Whatever you are looking for, CAD will help you find an artist to create it. You'll be given options to choose from, which will lead to a list of artist that meet your criteria.

Create a Project

Start by browsing, then selecting the preferred art styles for your project. Select one or many of the artists who matched with your art style, upload a description and image files for inspiration, and then press send. Artists will have 48 hours to respond to your project with a quote and completion timeline. Make the most out of your walls!


We are the advocates of the underground artists. We are the adversaries of prints produced in mass quantity. In a world that is increasingly less personal, we want to connect you to something authentic. Custom Art direct is a platform in which clients can get exactly what they want, while supporting artists across the globe.

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